[MP3] Korallreven: "The Truest Faith"

What exactly does music inspired by Samoan Catholic church choirs sound like, you ask? If I told you it sounded like Korallreven, would that help explain things any? Well it shouldn’t. Unless you’re already familiar with the duo made up of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjader, keyboardist for The Radio Dept. The two spent some time around Samoa and ended up with this light, affectionate synth pop they’ve compiled onto an album due out later this year. For now, they’ve released the single, “The Truest Faith,” a great introductory track that plays nicely along B-side “Loved-Up.”

The “Truest Faith”  single is out now on Acephale.

Korallreven – “The Truest Faith” [MP3]

Korallreven – “Loved-Up” [MP3]

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