Palmyra: straight up grunge/jazz gold! Huh? Yeah, they’re a complete mesh of the two genres, and it’s pretty impressive. The five members from Brooklyn (In the future, we won’t list location if the band is from Brooklyn. It should just be the expected place unless we say otherwise. Only half-kidding.) mix up raw female vocals with horns and crashing cymbals. “Pink Planes” is stuck on repeat for me, partly because it’s so short, partly because I like it a lot, and partly because I keep forgetting what I want to say.

Palmyra’s debut album, Mis-en-Scene (any film buffs out there?), earned them some attention from other noteworthy acts with whom they’ve been able to tour. And in the process, they completed a new, limited edition EP, The City, On Repeat. Experimental, distorted, and always exciting, The City, On Repeat makes Palmyra one to watch.

Palmyra – “Pink Planes” [MP3]

Palmyra – “Suicidal Female Poets” [MP3] (be patient with this one)

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