Notable Album Release: School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire

School of Seven Bells announced that they will be releasing their next LP, Disconnect From Desire, July 13 on Vagrant/Ghostly International. Their debut album, Alpinisms, received some strong listening among the crew here at Knox Road so we’re receiving this news with great excitement and salivation. (Seriously, though. If you saw one of us drooling earlier today, assume it was because of School of Seven Bells.)

The Brooklyn trio recorded the album in the band’s home studio, and it was produced by member Benjamin Curtis (you know, the guy who isn’t the other twin sister). They claim that their experience of finally getting to play several live shows together spurred a much greater creative process for Disconnect From Desire.

“From the start, we knew we wanted to make a record that connected on more of a direct and personal level than we ever had before,” says Curtis, “It’s a complete account of our lives this past year, and it’s crazy how taking an honest look at yourself can tell you the most about the world around you.”

Several tour dates will be announced soon, but confirmed for now are performances June 9 and 10 at The Mercury Lounge in NYC.

From Alpinisms:

School of Seven Bells – “Face To Face On High Places” [MP3]

School of Seven Bells – “Connjur” [MP3]

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