[MP3] The Farewell Circuit: "I Am A Ghost"

I did a brief MP3 post on The Farewell Circuit a little while back (about four months ago), shortly after they released their debut album, The Birdless Sky. Well, the guys (smartly) aren’t taking any breaks. They’ve completed a 5 song EP that will be made available at most online retailers sometime this week, and to hold you over we’ve got the single “I Am A Ghost”.

While songs from The Birdless Sky were prime examples of straightforward catchy pop, “I Am A Ghost” has much more depth and has piqued my interest in The Farewell Circuit’s future. With a slight folksier edge but no less catchy of a melody, “I Am A Ghost” displays Danny’s trademark crooning vocals, which ratchet up a notch in tone through the course of the song. The keys and strings are slightly subdued to start, but such subtlety gives the song it’s true backing. Wait for it to pick up at the 2:30 mark; it doesn’t let up. Nice way to end a rainy day.

The Farewell Circuit – “I Am A Ghost” [MP3]

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