Crystal Castles continue to snub Americans with early album release date

Crystal Castles’ second eponymous LP was due out June 8, but after a quality version of it leaked to the masses, the label was forced to bump the release date. Ok! I mean, I feel awful for the label to be put in this situation, but it means we get the album sooner right? Well “right” if you happen to live in Europe. Guess who doesn’t live in Europe? This blog. Our friends across the Atlantic will now be able to download Crystal Castles this Friday, April 23, and everybody will be able to get the physical copy May 24. This begs the complaint: “Hey Crystal Castles, what about us Americans?”

And this is a complaint that should not be unfamiliar to the Canadian duo. Sure, they just announced a slew of tour dates that included some U.S. shows as part of the HARD Summer series, but their solo tour only included two, one in L.A. and the other in New York. The rest were everywhere in Europe from Spain to Serbai. Now, I’m not looking for preferential treatment here. I know a lot of countries never get to see some of these bands. But if we have to wait until May 24 to get an official release of Crystal Castles, I just don’t know what I’ll do (other than be super super pissed about it).

2 comments to Crystal Castles continue to snub Americans with early album release date

  • I have the same attitude about all those awesome mp3 deals that Amazon do that are only available in the US, except I’m all ‘what about us Aussies?’

    Jamie Reply:

    Right?? This is 2010, I don’t understand why we can’t have, or at least strive for, a global music community.