Chromatic Flights releases mind-numbingly chill (and free) Too Beautiful For Smiles EP

The folks over at One Thirty BPM just released the latest EP from musician Kyle Wyss’ project Chromatic Flights and it’s just great. Because what we want on this dreary, rainy day (at least here in D.C.) is more deeply chilled-out music to sink into our chairs with. The album is being released “Radiohead style” meaning you can pay what you want, but there won’t be any judging if you download it for free. It’s a tough economy still I think! People (me included) don’t have a lot of scratch to throw around! But if any EP deserves some scratch thrown its way, it’s this one.

Chromatic Flights – “Direct To Whatever” [MP3]

Download Too Beautiful For Smiles at Bandcamp

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