The Scarlet Ending releases forceful new LP, Ghosts

It’s finally that time, folks. The Scarlet Ending, a much-talked about act here on Knox Road, fronted by everyone’s favorite twin sisters, Kaleena and Kayleigh Goldsworthy, released their sophomore full-length, Ghosts, a couple weeks ago. Ever since my first encounter with the sisters, they have been incredibly warm and outgoing, leading to a friendship beyond the music blog itself. I hoped that wouldn’t stop me from being objective about their music…until, well, I saw them live in concert. They were truly one of the best bands I have ever seen live (promise!), bringing energy, intensity, and charisma, all of which is oftentimes sorely lacking among more well known artists. Through their excitement the sound shined and I became forever invested in their future.

Well, that future has come to its next stage with Ghosts, an album that certainly brings an organic sound, meshing cello, violin, guitar, drums, piano — the whole shebang. The music is purposely disjointed on several songs, most notably on one of my favorites, “End In Disguise”, which acutely mixes guitar and violin for a unique sound along with pounding piano, all underneath Kaleena’s full voice. Kayleigh joins in on harmonies (as does Jon, at times) as the sisters expertly play off each other. The song is indeed poppy, don’t get me wrong, but underneath it all is a darkness and angst present throughout the album. The song is a good indicator for the feel of the album as a whole: sometimes poppy, other times angsty, and all times aggressive.

Which leads to a minor gripe: while I’m a fan of mixing up genres, styles and the like, the band can’t seem to decide how to fully root themselves on Ghosts, especially with its amalgam of sounds. Do they want to be that devilishly dark gang, slightly lending themselves to the punk side on songs like “My Decay”? If so, I’m not sure why such poppy, radio friendly songs like “Save Me” are present. Granted, I quite enjoy “Save Me”, I just wish there was a bit more direction on the album as a whole that struck a better balance between the two extremes.

Honestly, though, the ability to play to different styles demonstrates The Scarlet Ending’s supreme talent, and I applaud them for an effort that most bands aren’t willing to make. They’re not afraid to let their emotions show, and their youthful exuberance more than makes up for any of Ghosts‘ shortcomings. From the very start, it’s a record in which we can fully immerse ourselves. I don’t know about you, but that’s usually what I look for when I listen to music (besides, of course, quality). What I’m trying to say is, The Scarlet Ending delivers the goods on Ghosts. It’s an impressive, penetrating work of art.

The Scarlet Ending – “End In Diguise” [MP3]

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Current New York Tour:
4.20 New Canaan, CT @ Outback Teen Center, 6pm
4.21 Purchase, NY @ Manhattanville College (students only)
4.22 New York, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery, 8pm (NYC)
4.23 Keuka, NY @ Keuka College, 7pm
4.25 Ithaca, NY @ Ithaca College, 6pm

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