Ted Wendler

Ted Wendler may indeed be the next great folk-pop singer/songwriter. Really, I’m floored listening to him; he’s emotionally devastating. And to think I’ve only heard unmastered versions of the tracks… Let the man-crush begin.

Wendler is going places: Starting his professional career in Minnesota, he recently moved to Virginia Beach to finish an album with his band Mansions on the Moon. Some of his solo work will be used for Mansions on the Moon, but in the meantime we can revel in the material he plans to keep independently and has sent over our way. He hopes to have his work mastered and completed soon so he can officially release a finished product.

The sound is centered wholly around Wendler’s voice and those of his backup singers. The vocals float above the acoustic guitar and chill to the bone. It’s amazing how such simple harmonies with nothing but the purest of voices can make for the most transcendent music, never mind the most heartwarming and breathtaking.

Ted Wendler – “Bird Song” [MP3]

Ted Wendler – “Darlin'” [MP3]

Ted Wendler on MySpace

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