In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Stuck in an airport struggling to travel to/from Europe with all this volcano business (just ridiculous)? Then you should have plenty of time to read Knox Road! What with the sitting in uncomfortable airport terminal chairs and dieting on Sbarro, Chex Mix and those little cartons of orange juice? It’s ok, I don’t blame you for not reading. The hair-clutching frustration and depression probably doesn’t lend itself to perusing music blogs anyway (or DOES it??). So while you watch that awful volcano spew more awful horror dust into the air, here’s what you missed on Knox Road!

Knox Road Radio Show and playlist for 4.11.10

[Video + MP3] Milly Beau covers The Flaming Lips
Stream Greg Laswell’s forthcoming album, Take A Bow, in its entirety
Tokyo Police Club reveals tracklist and cover art for new album, Champ

Sam Billen covers The Postal Service, Sufjan, and more on Removers
[Review] MGMT is jarring, surreal, wonderful on Congratulations
[Review] The Tallest Man on Earth gives us some well-crafted, good ol’ folk on The Wild Hunt
[MP3 + Video] Justin Vernon covers Tom Petty
[MP3] The National: “Afraid of Everyone”

[MP3] Big Tree: “The Concurrence of All Things”

Miss The Go! Team? Try Russia’s Cheese People

[Review] Rafter’s Animal Feelings makes love to you on the dance floor
[MP3] Mexican Summer revives 1970s Brit psych with Ramases’ “Balloon”
[Abby’s Road] All the world’s a stage

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Arcade Fire and David Bowie

*Pick of the Week
Song, by Toad: “I, Boys and Girls, Am A Fucking Athlete” SbT’s Matthew reminisces about his days as a young athlete in a post that has nothing to do with music at all. But lessons are learned and we all remember that laughing at yourself is the only medicine for old, embarrassing videos.

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