There isn’t much known about Mesita, besides the fact that it’s the alibi of one “James Cooley”, a 22-year-old musician from Littleton, Colorado. He has a previous full-length and EP under his belt and he’s looking to release a new album this Summer. His entire catalogue of music is up for free on his Bandcamp, so I’d suggest checking it out if you like what you hear.

As for the music itself, it’s probably best described as experimental folk that tenuously teeters on the edge of indie pop. Mixing several different instruments with intermittent harmonies, Mesita creates an intricate yet cohesive sound. The songs have a range of influences, from tribal beats to downtrodden, airy folk, sometimes sounding like the offspring of a Justin Vernon and Spencer Krug pairing. Check out his new single, “Living/Breathing”, below, along with a couple songs from the EP No Worries.

Mesita – “Living/Breathing” [MP3]

Mesita – “Excited For The Future” [MP3]

Mesita – “Missing Out” [MP3]

Mesita on MySpace

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