D.C. rapper/skateboarder/actor Blastphumis (aka Jason Wright) may not have a lot of records under his belt, but his debut EP, Smoke, proves he knows what he’s doing. After graduating from a D.C. arts high school, Wright worked with several area artists and founded his own production company, Phatal Industries. Although Phatal is comprised of a film production company, a skateboard company and a record label (SO MANY HATS), it looks like Wright is focusing on his music for now, and I’m not a bit upset.

Smoke is eight tracks of maybe the most comfortable rapping I’ve heard ever. Blastphumis isn’t a huge name, but he raps like it is and you should already know that. Backed by the awesome production work of DJ Awkward Silence, the songs are smooth, comfortable and full of style. “Thin Line” is the clear standout on the EP. The sample (of what exactly, I’m not sure) is nothing short of epic. This is the stuff of legend. “Show Me Love,” with Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon, is an ode to the nightlife and another great track. The whole thing rounds out nicely with “Karma,” a chilled-out dreamy song that makes it feel like you’re coming down softly from the high of Smoke.

But Smoke isn’t meant as Blastphumis’ opus just yet. Most tracks were recorded years ago and are released more as a preview to his upcoming full-length (appropriately titled), Mirrors, due out at the end of the year. According to DJ Awkward Silence, the tracks on Mirrors are much more recent and will more accurately represent Blastphumis’ current sound. In the meantime, the Smoke EP comes out April 20 on Phatal. The label will be throwing a record release party that night in D.C. to celebrate (EPIC GOOD TIMES).

Blastphumis – “Thin Line” [MP3]

Blastphumis – “Show Me Love (ft. Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon)” [MP3]

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  • 3lended 7wice

    i love skaters who do music.
    for instance:
    1. Ray Barbee
    2. Tommy Guerrero
    These guys are pretty fricking sweet.
    They make good actors too….
    1. Owen Wilson
    2. Jason Lee

    This guy blasphimus is no exception apparently!