[MP3] Big Tree: "The Concurrence of All Things"

Big Tree, a quintet out of Brooklyn, stole my heart immediately with pop gem “The Concurrence of All Things” off their forthcoming EP, Home(here), set to drop June 1. Their debut full-length came out in 2008, but this is the first I’m hearing of them, and I’m glad they didn’t fall off my radar.

“The Concurrence of All Things” at once demonstrates an amalgam of different styles for Big Tree, starting off with accessible and airy female vocals alongside piano, giving off that whole female singer/songwriter quirky style. But the song changes gears quickly with a sonic background; it becomes an explosion of sound with loud backing harmonies, pulsating guitars, and crashing percussion. After hearing “The Concurrence of All Things” it comes as no surprise that Big Tree recorded the three songs on the EP live, and only dubbed in a bit of synth and guitar parts afterward.

Big Tree – “The Concurrence of All Things” [MP3]

Tracklist for Home(here) EP:
01 – The Concurrence Of All Things
02 – Home(here)
03 – Woods

Big Tree on MySpace

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