Julian Bachlow

Julian Bachlow is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who comes from Schomberg, Ontario and specializes in electronica influenced indie pop. When I say multi-instrumentalist, I’m not exaggerating: On Bachlow’s debut EP, Paradigm, he sings and plays keys, guitar, bass and drums. Bachlow’s going way old school with this independent artist thing – he’s literally walked around college campuses all over Canada in attempts to promote his music. Paradigm doesn’t care what genre you want to label it, as it experiments through indie pop, electro, soul, classical, and r&b. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when checking out some descriptions (though, they were intriguing), but after listening to the catchy, dreamy, and experimental tunes, I was hooked. Oh, and female backing vocals never hurt. (…Paradigm has those.)

Bachlow also is strongly devoted to community service, particularly anti-suicide charities through his work with other artists and musicians. He created a website called 2 Line Productions with hopes to “foster an environment where artists have a chance to be seen [and] heard, for networking, for feedback and for new opportunities”.

Good music plus good person? I like.

Julian Bachlow – “Calling” [MP3]

Julian Bachlow – “Desolate Place” [MP3]

Julian Bachlow – “Hero” [MP3]

Julian Bachlow on MySpace

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