MP3 Quickie: Wait.Think.Fast. – “Look Alive”

This song’s been around for a little while but I’ve been digging it like whoa of late. Wait.Think.Fast. apparently sing in both English and Spanish, though “Look Alive” is only English. The song grabs me quickly with pulsating electronic percussion and takes a little while to speed up, but once it does, it’s brilliantly sweet and dreamy and atmospheric all at once. The quartet is growing quickly out in L.A. and hopefully the rest of the world will catch on soon.

Wait.Think.Fast. – “Look Alive” [MP3]

Wait.Think.Fast. on MySpace

2 comments to MP3 Quickie: Wait.Think.Fast. – “Look Alive”

  • waitthinkfast

    @knoxroad it was Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks for the love!

    knoxroad Reply:

    @waitthinkfast haha thanks for the answer. And no problem, great song. Congrats!