[Abby's Road] Caring about the young folks

“Let it be known across the land that 35 is the new 25.”

Ah yes, I remember the evening fondly, mostly the proclamation I made, whiskey in hand, on the eve of my thirty-fifth birthday. In this year’s mantra I bumped both double-digits up by 1. I plan to do the same next […]


A band that caught my ears recently has come with a name not so unfamiliar to us folks here in D.C.: Bethesda is a town just around the bend, so the group caught my attention pretty much immediately, despite having never heard a lick of their music (does anyone use that saying anymore?). […]

[MP3] Korallreven: "The Truest Faith"

What exactly does music inspired by Samoan Catholic church choirs sound like, you ask? If I told you it sounded like Korallreven, would that help explain things any? Well it shouldn’t. Unless you’re already familiar with the duo made up of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjader, keyboardist for The Radio Dept. The two […]

Annuals and The Most Serene Republic announce tour dates together

Hey! Two of our favorite Canadian bands are teaming up to co-headline a summer tour, starting May 5 in Michigan. Hopefully the stages are big everywhere they go…both bands have several members. There should be lots of pop, lots of art (remember our interview with Adrian Jewett of TMSR and their video for […]

The "Because I Feel Like It" mix

Due to some busy times in the current music world and our lives, we’ve somehow neglected mixes lately here on Knox Road, and we apologize. You, the readers, (well, those who actually take the time to talk to us – thank you!) have spoken. You miss the mix. So I will get them […]

[MP3] The Books: "Beautiful People"

Didn’t get enough weird music today? Don’t worry, I got you covered! New York duo The Books released “Beautiful People,” a look at their first album in four years, The Way Out. The Books are known for their electronic/folk/weird music that almost always makes a splash with critics. Their latest track features all […]

[Stream] Tokyo Police Club: "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"

Stream Tokyo Police Club’s newest single, the fourth track off the forthcoming Champ, “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)”. Falsetto harmonies, driving rhythm, and an upbeat melody. Some crafty pop indeed.

Champ drops June 8 via Mom + Pop records.

Download “Breakneck Speed” here.

TOKYO POLICE CLUB ON TOUR 2010: Apr 27, 2010    Mr. Small’s […]


Palmyra: straight up grunge/jazz gold! Huh? Yeah, they’re a complete mesh of the two genres, and it’s pretty impressive. The five members from Brooklyn (In the future, we won’t list location if the band is from Brooklyn. It should just be the expected place unless we say otherwise. Only half-kidding.) mix […]

The Golden Filter's Voluspa is eerily tranquil, mostly promising

In the Norse poem Völuspá, which tells the creation and destruction of the world, the story says: “Now do I see / the earth anew / Rise all green / from the waves again; The cataracts fall, / and the eagle flies, And fish he catches / beneath the cliffs.” Poets, right? But the feeling of […]

Notable Album Release: School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire

School of Seven Bells announced that they will be releasing their next LP, Disconnect From Desire, July 13 on Vagrant/Ghostly International. Their debut album, Alpinisms, received some strong listening among the crew here at Knox Road so we’re receiving this news with great excitement and salivation. (Seriously, though. If you saw one of […]