[MP3] 65daysofstatic: "Crash Tactics"

I still don’t know how keen I am on 65daysofstatic‘s last full-length, The Destruction of Small Ideas. And it’s weird, because I unabashedly love all their other stuff. It probably had to do with the odd production, where the drums seemed a bit flat and couldn’t carry what turned out to be some of the band’s longer songs. But that’s in the past!

The post-rock, glitch-happy instrumental band is coming out with a new album, We Were Exploding Anyway, on March 26, and have just released the first single, “Crash Tactics.” While I will say that the production is back to the band’s norm, the song itself has split my opinion pretty heavily. On one hand, I’m not crazy about how the song manages to take on a dance-y feel, which is (mostly) a far cry from the band’s heavier sound. However, the glitch is there in full force, and the song ends strong. And I miss the piano, so I’m hoping that comes back for at least a few tracks (I don’t doubt that it will.)

Anyway, Robert Smith does guest vocals somewhere on the album too, so go put on eye makeup. Solidarity!

65daysofstatic – “Crash Tactics” [MP3]

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