Notable Album Release: Walking Sleep - Measures

Six-member indie rock outfit Walking Sleep, from LA, are set to release their debut full-length album, Measures, on May 25. I hadn’t heard a thing about them until we received an email with an accompanying mp3 today, and well, I lapped it up. The song, “Final Chapter”, shows tremendous promise for the album as a whole, mixing precious guy girl vocals with hand claps and an upbeat guitar driven background alongside subtle hints of psychedelia. (The female vocalist is Sara Radle, formerly of The Rentals.) The album was produced by Aaron Espinoza, who has previously worked with a KR favorite, Earlimart, among others.

Walking Sleep – “Final Chapter” [MP3]

Tracklist for Measures:
01. The Cause
02. In A Dream
03. Final Chapter
04. As A Volunteer
05. Let It Go On
06. Arso
07. Don’t Be Fooled
08. What We Forgot
09. Shake The Cold
10. Standing In The Threat

(They’re also playing the Monday Night Residency at LA’s The Echo in April)

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