[MP3] Lucky Delucci: "December 1986"

In the 1960s, a lot of British bands made a name for themselves by taking American folk music and making it their own. It was a great example of Americana’s influence on the world. British 6-piece group Lucky Delucci might as well be from the same mold. They take the slow, jammed-out wandering style we’ve been hearing lately, but give a small British twist. There’s something great about a little bit of distance and a certain upbringing that makes this music different and awesome. Well don’t I just sound like such an American now.

The band released a new single, “December, 1986,” earlier this month and it’s just great. The bunch of instruments really do it for me. You can’t blame a guy for liking a little extra violin every now and then. The B-side, “Old Sound of the River,” gets right down into the country folk territory I hoped it would. If you want more they have a five-song record, Young In Summer out now on Bubblewrap Records.

Lucky Delucci – “December, 1986” [MP3]

Lucky Delucci – “Old Sound of the River” [MP3]

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