[MP3] The Dirty Diamonds - "The Right Direction"

I started off the day in a VERY sleepy way, so I’ve been listening to some upbeat dance-ish pop in the form of The Dirty Diamonds. We were sent a track from them recently via SoundCloud called “The Right Direction”, off their forthcoming EP Monster Ballads, and it’s pretty special because it’s a whole bunch of happy and just gets me smiling in general.

Monster Ballads, produced by Supreme Cuts and Curt Cameruci of Flosstradamus, will be released April 10 and “The Right Direction” is an appropriate first single. The soulful, call and response female vocals hearken back to the days of mo-town jives, but somehow they’re able to put a modern spin on it all. The beat’s mixes of handclaps and drums work well together and the backing synth is never overly powerful, lending just the right amount of electro influence.

The Dirty Diamonds – “The Right Direction”

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