Notable Album Release: Grovesnor (aka, that drummer from Hot Chip) - Soft Return

Grovesnor, aka Rob Smoughton, aka Hot Chip’s drummer, will be releasing his debut album, Soft Return, on May 25 via Lo Recordings. Apparently he’s performed plenty solo electro pop in the past throughout the UK, but since I’m scared of other cultures this is the first I’m hearing of his solo efforts. Although, is it fair to even call them “efforts” when it sounds like he barely shed a bead of sweat making the music? The first single, “Taxi From The Airport” (here’s where I’m gonna get all word crazy on you –>) *effortlessly* blends together its own take on modern electro/synth with piano pop from the golden olden days and gospel oooh ahhh harmonies from somewhere else entirely. It all sounds so smooth — it’s not necessarily the type of backbreaking dance song you’d get up and shake your hips off to, but its got all the elements for a skip down the street, if you know what I mean. Do you? Whatever, listen below.

Grovesnor – “Taxi From The Airport” [MP3]

Grovesnor on MySpace

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