[MP3] Power Animal: “Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)”

If you show me a person who saw the picture above and wasn’t intrigued, I’ll show you a guy who doesn’t understand the finer points of brass instruments. And jean shorts.

This song comes courtesy of Philadelphia-based band Power Animal, or, more accurately, the Philly-based collective Edible Onion. See, Edible Onion will be releasing a compilation — A Cure for the Broken Hearted — in May, and this here song will be one of the tracks on it. It’s an unreleased version of “Female Wrestler,” and one that I quite like, even if it’s a bit harder to get into than the original version (found at their MySpace). The intro is a bit off-putting, but the band’s combination of lazy vocals with dissonance in the background somehow works. What I’m trying to say is the world needs more female wrestlers. Basically.

The band’s first album, People Songs, is set to come out March 23.

Power Animal – “Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)” [MP3]

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