[MP3] Pure Ecstasy: "Voices"

Pure Ecstasy previously chilled us out with “Easy” the wonderful track from the band’s 7″ with the same name. Now the band is sharing “Voices” from the also appropriately-named Voices 7″. While it’s not an instant hook like “Easy,” it shows that the band is CLEARLY ready to just up and release a full-length already. Seriously guys, what’s the wait? Maybe I’m just too much into full-lengths, but these 7″s just are not fulfilling my need for pure ecstasy Pure Ecstasy pure ecstasy.

The Voices 7″ is out now on Acephale.

Pure Ecstasy – “Voices” [MP3]

Pure Ecstasy – “Easy” (From Easy 7″) [MP3]

[via Pitchfork]

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