Meklit Hadero

Honestly, I couldn’t think of better music for a Saturday afternoon. You know, it’s that time when we’re either preparing to go out for a night of festivities, getting some unfinished work done around the house, or catching up on some “me” time. We need some laid back, groovy tunes. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about, I know you do.

In that vein comes Meklit Hadero, an Ethiopian born but American raised female singer/songwriter. Currently residing in the diverse arts scene of San Fransisco, Hadero blends elements of smoky jazz and soul with modern pop to create a unique, delectable sound. While the diversity of the sound is welcoming in and of itself, it’s Hadero’s voice that lends the ultimate strength to the music. At once warm and enticing with a sonorous delivery, it can soften even the hardest-skinned folk.

Meklit Hadero – “Walk Up” [MP3]

Her debut album, On A Day Like This…, drops April 20 on Porto Franco Records.

[Photo by Sarah Peel]

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