Not a lot of information is readily available about Cults, presumably because all the possible search terms (band name: “cults;” song names: “go outside,” “most wanted” and “the curse”) are all pretty common words that could all be associated with one another about things that are not super great music (sadness, mostly). But what I DO know is that Cults’ three-song 7″, Cults, is available as a free download at their Bandcamp page, which includes the tags “soul” and “new york” as if they are some kind of clues.

Their music includes that soft, sweet melodic guitar and organ with a little bit of attitude and (at points) some old-school soul. I don’t even know if Cults has toured or currently tours or plans on touring, but I can already tell they’re GREAT live. Their seeming confidence and talent would look really good onstage. I wish I knew a little more about the band (Gorilla vs. Bear posted one MP3, but offered no details), but the mystery is not the point. The point? Cults are making some great music. I will listen through the confusion.

Cults – “Go Outside” [MP3]

Download the Cults 7″ for free at Bandcamp

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