Ólafur Arnalds to release new album this June

This week in Icelandic neo-classical news, Ólafur Arnalds will be releasing his sophomore album, …and they have escaped the weight of darkness, in the states June 8. There aren’t any MP3s available yet, but yay! I love Mr. Arnalds. He has an exciting way of infusing relatively simple compositions with all the emotion to…power…a…car. […]

Broken Bells announce tour with Morning Benders

Mega-hyped but kind of let-down super duo Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and The Shins’ James Mercer) just announced a tour with mega-hyped but amazing band the Morning Benders across the U.S. and oh, a couple dates in Canada. I’m almost 100 percent sure that the Morning Benders will be amazing live and Broken […]

Twin Sister showcases talent, patience with Color Your Life EP

Twin Sister always seems to come out of nowhere. The band that brought us the Vampires With Dreaming Kids EP, which included the great tracks “Ginger” and “I Want A House” have come back with a new EP, Color Your Life. It’s twice as long as Vampires and shows the band looking in a […]

Dum Dum Girls come off bland on I Will Be

The lo-fi bubblegum pop sound is nothing new, and it’s been done to death by several great bands (Vivian Girls, Raveonettes, et all). That’s not to say that Dum Dum Girls can’t make a good record of the same kind of music themselves! I think given their previous efforts and some of the […]

[MP3] 65daysofstatic: "Crash Tactics"

I still don’t know how keen I am on 65daysofstatic‘s last full-length, The Destruction of Small Ideas. And it’s weird, because I unabashedly love all their other stuff. It probably had to do with the odd production, where the drums seemed a bit flat and couldn’t carry what turned out to be some […]

New mystery band: Canoodle

Apparently the mystery band thing is still in full swing as we received another email with very little information and some nice tunes late last night. Here’s what their “unofficial” self-written bio said:

Three dudes. In a band. Highly unoriginal. But from modest bedroom recordings in Harlem sprung two voice boxes, a keyboard, […]

Regarding modern art and MGMT's "Flash Delirium" video

We here at Knox Road talk a lot about “weird,” “bizarre” or “crazy” music videos. I myself like to indulge in the modern art that music videos have now become in much the same way I would a Warhol or Dali painting. I like to observe it for what it is, and try […]

Angus & Julia Stone capture hearts on Down The Way

A cool breeze on a summer night. Crunching leaves as they fall off colorful trees. Lovers, friends, children holding hands. What happens when an album comes along that brings out every sentimental bone in a person’s body? What happens when an album commands you to dream? To visualize each sound as if you […]

Notable Album Release: Walking Sleep - Measures

Six-member indie rock outfit Walking Sleep, from LA, are set to release their debut full-length album, Measures, on May 25. I hadn’t heard a thing about them until we received an email with an accompanying mp3 today, and well, I lapped it up. The song, “Final Chapter”, shows tremendous promise for the album […]

[MP3] Lucky Delucci: "December 1986"

In the 1960s, a lot of British bands made a name for themselves by taking American folk music and making it their own. It was a great example of Americana’s influence on the world. British 6-piece group Lucky Delucci might as well be from the same mold. They take the slow, jammed-out wandering […]