Butterfly Bones

Back in December, my brother-in-law told me to go listen to a song called “XOXO” by the band Butterfly Bones. “Sure,” I told him as I carelessly typed it into my phone. Well months later, he reminded me of the song and after suffering the embarrassment of the “Who? What? Did I write that in my phone and totally forget?” I immediately looked it up. Well wouldn’t you know it, the song is wonderful! No, you probably wouldn’t know it if you’re like I used to be and have not listened to the San Francisco electro-pop group.

Butterfly Bones’ most recent EP, Pretty Feelings, apparently made the rounds in the Bay area without making too big a dent in the larger indie community (I’ll just blame Girls for stealing the Frisco spotlight). Their songs are heavy on the synth, beats and hooks, just like a lot of other bands people love to love these days (trendy!). Where BB stands out is the unique quality of the synth to be so damn upbeat. I really haven’t heard anything like it. Combing it with the kind of cheerfully haunting guitars and downtrodden vocals we’ve come to expect from the San Francisco scene makes for a really great sound.

With Pretty Feelings secure on the shelf, BB is working on new music, including “<3” a track they just released as part of a split 7″ with Man/Miracle. Judging by the band’s Facebook and Myspace updates, they really enjoy what they’re doing, so I expect a lot more out of them in the near future. And I am officially thanking my brother-in-law for the recommendation. Thanks Patrick!!

Butterfly Bones – “XOXO” [MP3]

Butterfly Bones – “<3” [MP3]

Butterfly Bones” – “Honeycake” [MP3]

Butterfly Bones on Myspace

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