Cedarwell is a Wisconsin folk band sent my way by Sebastian over at the lovely Common Folk Meadow blog after I commented on his glowing review of their latest, forthcoming March album, A Stone, A Leaf, A Door. The ever-evolving Cedarwell crew, fronted by Erik G. Neave, sent me a promo copy of the record, and it’s refreshingly diverse for an “acoustic” album of sorts. For those of you Western European folk, they’ll be touring overseas as a three-piece next month for the record release.

Neave’s voice has a slight falsetto ting, and the airy harmonies of other members effortlessly play off each other. My favorite tracks are those that showcase the female vocal contributions, as it adds another level to the already intricate, detailed songs. The instruments never dominate over each other – some tracks contain bells, others synth, and still others keys, harmonica, what have you, all complementing the acoustic guitars. The arrangements are carefully plotted, some wistful and yearning with just the delicate touch of Neave’s voice and others filled with the aforementioned instruments and more. They come into play at unexpected times, making me an eager listener.

My suggestion? Listen to A Stone, A Leaf, A Door when you’re hanging by the fireplace, on a train ride to nowhere, or, well, in bed. You’ll be more than content.

Cedarwell – “Who To Blame” [MP3]

Cedarwell – “Middle of West” [MP3]

Cedarwell on MySpace

[Europe 2010 poster by Hilary and Frances Pharr]

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