Getting Dirty with Chrissy and Julia

It feels like just last week that I was writing about Detroit bedroom project Coyote Clean Up. And now Chrissy from CCU is teaming up with Maryland artist Julia LaDense for their new project Chrissy and Julia. Can we go wrong here? Well I guess we could, but no we can’t! The combination of Chrissy’s sweeping synth with Julia’s crunching samples on the duo’s release, Getting Dirty,  makes for a cool, albeit more experimental and abstract sound. The new project might not find as many ears as CCU’s solo material, but who doesn’t love a good collaboration? I don’t. I don’t not love a good collaboration.

Chrissy and Julia – “everyone does it” [MP3]

Chrissy and Julia – “juicy island (dead give away)” [MP3]

Buy Getting Dirty at I Had An Accident

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