[MP3] No Second Troy: "This is the End of Me"

D.C. ghosts (nice ones!) of a long (but not forgotten!) past, No Second Troy, have finally returned with a new single, “This is the End of Me” off their new album, Colors due out April 27. They’re releasing it in conjunction with their upcoming show at the 9:30 Club next Friday, February 18, so I expect some of you D.C. folk who read KR to be in attendance.

No Second Troy, as expected, are back to their typical pop/rock form on “This is the End of Me”. Spacey guitars and echoing keys fill out the sound. It’s slightly more refined than previous No Second Troy material, which we can probably attribute to the band’s growth in over a year of making new music. Here’s to seeing them back in action!

No Second Troy – “This is the End of Me” [MP3]

No Second Troy on MySpace | Preorder the new album

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