New demos from Chicago singer/songwriter Brendan Losch

Hey, remember when we featured Brendan Losch’s band Bullets In Madison (who then quickly rose to my top played charts)? Well Losch is also a solo artist (and runs a music blog, Count Me Out, as I previously mentioned) and has been recording several new demos of late. He sent a couple over our way, and they’re littered with pristine grace (funny phrase, right?). Good friend Tart over at Love, Shack Baby has been championing him like crazy, so you should definitely check out her posts for some gush-filled, yet informative background.

The delicate vocals on these new demos are perfectly suited for the sound with overlapping harmonies alongside crying strings and minimal percussion. The tunes are elegantly crafted, even as rough cuts, and demonstrate Losch’s extraordinary raw talent.

Brendan Losch – “The One Saying No” (demo) [MP3]

Brendan Losch – “Son of a Gun” (demo) [MP3]

Brendan Losch on MySpace (by the way, read his “Band Members” section…you may be slightly impressed)

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