Jim Kroft

Jim Kroft is a Scottish singer/songwriter, now based out of Berlin, who is releasing a new album, Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, on May 5, 2010, via Sidewalk 7 Records. His sound hearkens back to older britpop (not of the arena variety) with a happy, upbeat tone accompanying introspective, hopeful lyrics. Kroft has a unique accent; not quite like the British we’re used to. With more of an eccentric quality, his vocals make use of a strong falsetto to create a playful sound. Electric guitar powers through keys-laden tracks and interspersed strings. The songs move from happy to sad to happy again in a manner of seconds as the dives and crescendos don’t care to remain hidden.

Kroft shared some personal thoughts with us below about a couple of the songs on the forthcoming record, and provided a third for your listening pleasure. “One Sees The Sun” is the single from the album, and will be released digitally via iTunes on April 5… but guess what?? We’ve got the whole thing streaming for you! Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Jim Kroft – “One Sees The Sun”

“It is about the fact that no matter how bad things get, you can work your way through them with the right attitude and staying as true to yourself as you can.”

Jim Kroft – “Guess That’s What The Gods Say” [MP3]

“This song is a songwriter’s tribute to Johnny Cash. I wanted to try and write a tribute, not by writing about Cash, but trying to imagine what he would have written in one of his songs if he was a young man growing up nowadays. The rhythm of Johnny Cash songs is so constant and heavy, and I wanted to try and tap into that. Lyrically it is about trying to accept the whole world in it’s entirety. Terrible things may happen but that no matter how nuts it makes you feel, there is a deranged form of sense found in acceptance of the fact that it is not meant to make sense.”

Jim Kroft – “Tales of the Dark Arts” [MP3]

Jim Kroft on MySpace | [Photo by Jenny Prinz]

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