Marching Band to follow up spectacular debut album, Spark Large, with Pop Cycle

Best news of the week day past hour! Marching Band, those Swedish wunderkinds, are back! The duo is set to release a sophomore LP entitled Pop Cycle in May 2010 on U & L Records. Pop Cycle is said to be slightly darker than Spark Large, which has to be expected, considering Spark Large had some of the sunniest, jangliest indie pop ever (it also made my honorable mentions list for best of ’08). Plus, every band loves to get darker and more introspective on sophomore albums, am I right? Feel free to prove me wrong (ok, fine, there are obviously some out there but not many).

Forget the variety of instruments they use in their music? Well, that would be, oh, only the xylophone, marimba, banjo, and vibraphone along with the usual guitar and drums (and occasional strings). And euphoric vocal harmonies too. Right. Cool. Marching Band in May. Oh, 2010. Check out a couple songs from Spark Large below.

Marching Band – “Sparkle” [MP3]

Marching Band – “For Your Love” [MP3]

Marching Band on MySpace

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