iTunes Mixery

What better for a crazy blizzard than a Mixery? For those who don’t know, this is iTunes Mixery part nueve (nine). Here’s how it goes: I play iTunes on shuffle -> tell you which song comes up -> provide the mp3 and a tidbit -> continue until five songs and embarrassment are complete. Again, nothing’s off-limits – I don’t “fix the mix”. Have a look into my life…

  1. The Eames Era – “When You Were A Millionaire” [MP3] (from Hereos and Sheroes). Have fun with your pop music! This Louisiana group is heavily driven by their electric guitars and one of the candy-est female voices I’ve ever heard.
  2. Matthew Ryan – “Everybody Always Leaves” [MP3] (from From A Late Night Rise). Ryan is one of my favorite folk artists, so I’m happy this one popped up. His baritone vocals usually are sing-speak, though I’d argue this one has a little more sing. It’s also fairly electronic. Folktronica from Matthew Ryan!
  3. The Mommyheads – “Angels And Weathermen” (from You’re Not A Dream). I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve listened to this song in over a year. Why? Because I have way too much music, that’s why. I know, it’s no excuse. “Angels and Weatherman” is a funky, rhythmic ditty from these guys who broke up in, let’s see…1998. They reunited to record You’re Not A Dream, which was released in ’08.
  4. Weinland – “The Breaks In The Sun” [MP3] (from Breaks In The Sun). Piano led folk with falsetto vocals and harmonies. Pretty, but nothing too special or groundbreaking.
  5. Caribou – “Odessa” [MP3] (from the upcoming Swim | 4/20). Haha, seriously? I’m going through a Mixery of my entire iTunes library and a song I just received a week ago closes it out? Oh, Mixeries. How you continue to surprise! So, yeah…Swim is a much anticipated follow-up to 2007’s Andorra. Canadian Dan Snaith is the man behind Caribou, with electronic psychedelia as the backbone to a filled out, blissful sound.

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