[MP3] Her Magic Wand: "Mistakes"

Nothing like some dreamy pop to start your no longer dreamy day off, am I right? Her Magic Wand, a one-man project out of Paris, France, is equal parts smooth and sugary, with a pinch of a darker undertone. This is some mighty fine electronic pop – reminiscent of Letting Up Despite Great Faults, but slightly rougher around the edges.

Her Magic Wand recently self-released the Catch A Rainbow EP, which you can pick up at Bandcamp. The EP was recorded, unsurprisingly in these bedroom-pop times of ours, at home with a laptop and a few “actual” instruments. The live band includes 4 more members, so the sound is probably filled out nicely. Catch “Mistakes” below; it’s an unassuming gem.

Her Magic Wand – “Mistakes” [MP3]

Her Magic Wand on MySpace

2 comments to [MP3] Her Magic Wand: “Mistakes”

  • Micheal P

    I really, really like “Mistakes”.

    Where can I find more sounds from them?


    Lee Reply:

    Micheal, you can click on the links in the post to their MySpace and Bandcamp profiles – more music is there.


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