Why wasn't Malachai's Ugly Side Of Love released here ages ago??

Ok, somebody please explain to me how this whole album releases in the U.S./UK thing works, because I’m LOST (no appropriately timed pun intended). Bristol band Malachai released their debut full-length, Ugly Side Of Love, last year in the UK, but it didn’t make it across the Atlantic until this week. What’s the deal? Is this not 2010, the age of innovation and instantaneous global communication?? (I know it’s on iTunes and junk, but let’s be real: A LOT of things are on iTunes. I just want some real American promotion here.)

BAH. I’m not used to this new fangled world of ours. I like my books on paper and my sex not over text messages. I also like the throwback style of music Malachai makes. It’s that simple, stripped down garage pop tunes that are infused with basic psychedelic styles. They’re not virtuosos playing complex songs (because that would=YUCK). The album almost seems to pride itself on being simple (see “Simple Song”). In fact, I think the modern “rock” scene should take a note from Malachai, who is one of the most interesting rock-based groups to come out in a while.

From the decisively snotty “Shitkicker” to the droning “Meech’s Theme” to the lovely pop song “Another Sun,” Ugly Side Of Love shows a great sense of variety without compromising the band’s identity. And that itself is a commendable feat! I hope that their great music is appreciated in the states so I don’t have to wait another three years to hear their follow-up. Because seriously record industry, this is NOT ok.

Malachai – “Shitkicker” [MP3]

Malachai – “How Long” [MP3]

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