Hands gears up for release of "Hold", provides new, instrumental MP3 "Tonight"

So, that happened quickly. Remember when I profiled L.A. duo Hands a couple months ago and said “watch for big things soon”? Well, uh, I wasn’t expecting this soon. They’re on top of several playlists, notably with their glorious single “Hold”, which will be released in physical format February 26 on German label Headphonica. “Hold” is a standout upon first listen – dark, experimental, and foreign sounding…very much like the newest Fredrik material off of Trilogi (did I just drop the F-bomb comparison??). Makes sense, then, that their label is not American.

Hands – “Hold” [MP3]

Hands is preparing a batch of new material to ride this wave of increasing popularity, and have given us fellas at Knox Road a taste of it in the form of the short instrumental track, “Tonight”, which will most certainly be on their next release. Hear those spooky synthy sounds like vocals in the background? Oh man, it’s haunting and lovely at the same time, and, like “Hold”, changes direction smack dab in the middle of the song. Keep checking in for new Hands material – they’ll be sending more tunes our way soon. Hands for the win.

Hands – “Tonight” [MP3]

Hands on MySpace

2 comments to Hands gears up for release of “Hold”, provides new, instrumental MP3 “Tonight”

  • Emily

    absolutely in love with these guys. anybody know who the female vocalist is on “hold”?? can’t find any info on that.

    Lee Reply:

    Glad you love them Emily. The female vocalist is Erin Dillon (she occasionally lays down vocals on some of their tracks) – you can find her own blog here: http://www.mrsbojangles10.blogspot.com/