Knox Road Radio show + playlist for 2.28.10

Finally, the three of us (Jamie, Jon and I) were reunited. Last week Jon admirably took over the show with KR friends Zach and Steven, but this week we were up to our old, mischievous ways, arguing over prog-rock vs. bedroom projects, which included Jamie making the bold (read: ridiculous – to Jon […]

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

If you spent the week congratulating FREAKING OUT at the women’s Canadian Olympic hockey team for their celebration DAMNATION, then you might have missed some great music. But good for you! Those women deserved their champagne and cigars VERBAL LASHING. I’m so glad they can go home with pride SHAME. Now that you feel […]

The Damn Choir

The Damn Choir, a folk foursome out of Chicago, recently released their first full-length album Faithful Fools. As if the album name doesn’t already imply some fairly depressing music, the guys describe themselves as “sad-bastard” music (hey, we have a good friend who describes himself like that too ;)). Gordon Robertson heads up […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Yeah, it's video game music

Not only video game music, mind you, but Final Fantasy music. This song is called “To Zanarkand,” and it opens up Final Fantasy X. Before you laugh condescendingly and leave, give it a listen. Ever since I first played the game (and, by extension, heard the song) about 9 or so years ago, “To […]

New iPhone 3GS commercial: The Boy Least Likely To's "Stringing Up Conkers"

The iProducts pulled a fast one on us this time. For their latest commercial, “On Hold”, they’ve incorporated the typical cutesy pop music we’re used to from Apple ads…but something’s amiss. There are no vocals!! Instead we hear a hand clapping, acoustic, bells-y background courtesy of The Boy Least […]

Joanna Newsom puts a lot of herself into Have One On Me

Boy, does Joanna Newsom put herself into Have One On Me. The thing clocks in at over two full hours of music spread over three six-song albums, which is, like many things, a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it’s over two hours of Joanna Newsom (my wife). The curse is […]

[MP3] Pill Wonder: "Gone To The Market"

I recently showed you Pill Wonder’s video for “Wishing Whale” off their upcoming LP, Jungle/Surf. Today they released another listen with “Gone To The Market,” a very hectic and intensely upbeat song that might remind you of Los Campesinos! if Los Campesinos! wasn’t so sad and angry all the time (seriously guys, just […]

[MP3] Nada Surf: "Electrocution" (Bill Fox cover)

Well will you look at that? We finally get a Nada Surf track available for download from their new covers album, if i had a hi-fi, which I covered in some detail (including a bevy of supporting tour dates) at the beginning of January. It’s their warm take on Bill Fox‘s “Electrocution”. The […]

Butterfly Bones

Back in December, my brother-in-law told me to go listen to a song called “XOXO” by the band Butterfly Bones. “Sure,” I told him as I carelessly typed it into my phone. Well months later, he reminded me of the song and after suffering the embarrassment of the “Who? What? Did I write […]

[MP3] M.I.A. vs Vampire Weekend: "Giving Up The Sunshowers"

As if we need more indie/pop mashups (hint: we do), The Hood Internet has pit M.I.A.’s “Sunshowers” against Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up The Gun,” in a wonderful little pop-friendly tune. Granted, this is no “No One Womanizes Like You,” but it’s still great. In this post-Girl Talk world*, it’s rare to find good […]