Inevitable: Monotonix singer breaks leg during show

Israeli rock trio Monotonix is known for their absurdly dangerous onstage antics that typically involves some combination of: A. Crowd surfing B. Throwing drums C. Crowd surfing on drums or D. Throwing drums and trash cans at people crowd surfing or hanging from the ceiling. They must have anticipated an injury along the way.

About 15 minutes into the band’s set in West Palm Beach Wednesday, frontman Ami Shalev abruptly stopped the show, calling for a doctor. Although a report in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times wasn’t clear on what exactly happened, it sounds like some guy stood on Shalev’s shoulders and it was just too much (yikes!). Shalev ended up at a hospital where he received treatment for his leg and signed autographs (??). Rock stars, am I right?

Video taken just after the incident:

YouTube Preview Image

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