[MP3] Justice: "Beginning Of The End"

UPDATE: Stereogum is reporting that the track is a fake (!!!). Looks like somebody pulled a fast one on just about everybody. Well, you can’t blame us for getting wrapped up in the excitement. These things happen!

You go to bed early, and look what happens? Justice releases a new track and everybody else in the world was up to hear it. But far be it from me to withhold the new song from the electro dance champions of the world France. The duo has an album due out later this year, so one can only assume “Beginning Of The End” will be on it. But you know about that whole “assuming” thing. I don’t need to tell you.

Justice – “Beginning Of The End” [MP3]

3 comments to [MP3] Justice: “Beginning Of The End”

  • you know, i hate that i like this track. french bastards.

    after watching “a cross the universe” last year their behavior made me want to puke.

    and then dance.

    shit. why do they have to sound so good??

    abby Reply:

    why does fake justice have to sound so good?


  • Lee

    so…can we do an artist profile on whoever made the track?