[MP3] Lali Puna: "Remember"

Okay, so if you have incredibly short term memories you may forget that I just called Lali Puna’s upcoming album, Our Inventions, a “Notable Album Release”. Unfortunately at that point I didn’t have a new mp3 to provide for you off the album. As you can probably guess from the title of this post, now I do (life, right?). And I couldn’t be happier. Lali Puna, rarely have you done me wrong. I love the female/male harmonies with The Notwist bent in there. “Remember” is glitchy pop electronica yet not as raspy as previous Lali Puna material. Looking/sounding good so far Lali P!

Lali Puna – “Remember” [MP3]

Lali Puna drops April 2nd on Morr Music.

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