In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

One of the busiest weeks ever on Knox Road. Also in the media (though, Conan v. Leno has been discussed to death, including last week’s Week in Review). Hey, the Golden Globes and SAGS were this week! And Avatar won a lot. But so did Up! And I’m going to keep rambling if I don’t stop now. Just check out what you missed below.

Bullets In Madison delivers liberating, otherworldly music
Notable Album Release: Tunng – And Then We Saw Land
[MP3] Josiah Wolf: “The Trailer and the Truck”

[Review – Jamie] Eels’ End Times is maybe the saddest album of 2010
[Review – Lee] Spoon hits a crossroads with Transference
[MP3] Shearwater: “Black Eyes”
[Review – Jamie] Surfer Blood changes the way you see surf music on Astro Coast

Lee’s new obsession comes in the form of Milly Beau and their new album, Party Glitter
Quick Hits: New album from Emanuel and the Fear, Savoir Adore in D.C., new video from Shadows on a River

[MP3s] Golden Ages: “Everything Will Be Alright” + “Be Cool”
The new New Pornographers album is going to be indiescribable (rimshot for Jon)

The Very Most release 2009 seasonal EP compilation
Grizzly Bear covers Hot Chip, the indie music circle is complete
[MP3] Balmorhea: “Bowsprit”
[Abby’s Road] You listen to what?? The flaws of stereotyping
[MP3] Freelance Whales: “Rise & Shine” (new, live at WOXY)

Phenomenal Video Saturday: The National

*Pick of the Week*
Rawkblog: “Live: Pepper Rabbit @ The Bootleg Theater, 1.19.10” Dave provides a nice review and sweet pics of an up-and-coming LA band he’s been championing and I’ve been digging. Plus they apparently have some connections with our Hands boys.

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