The Very Most release 2009 seasonal EP compilation

Idaho’s The Very Most (not to be confused with The Very Best) spent 2009 releasing an EP for each season, resulting in some good stuff (see my Christmas mix). Now, Indiecater is compiling all four EPs on one compilation aptly titled A Year With The Very Most. Even though the months change and weather gets gloomy and hot and miserable, The Very Most seem to be cheery and upbeat throughout it all! Commendable!

The Very Most combine the light, upbeat instrumentals behind soft harmonies and almost Brian Wilson-esque lead vocals. It’s classic Indiecater music (see Candy Claws), and classic good pop music as well. The whole album is streaming over at the label’s site, where you can also buy a copy. Listening to it is like experiencing a full year of wonderful in under an hour. Which is good, right? I’ve always learned that as a good thing.

The Very Most – “April Is The Kindest Month” [MP3]

The Very Most – “You’re In Love With The Sun” [MP3]

The Very Most – “Autumn Air” [MP3]

The Very Most – “Away In A Manger” [MP3]

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