Grizzly Bear cover Hot Chip, the indie music circle is complete

It was bound to happen. The Mayans probably predicted this one too. Madame Flora, the psychic down the street, will probably tell you she saw it coming (and then she’ll try to scam you out of thousands of dollars, she really does that!!). But here it is, massive indie music force Grizzly Bear has covered dance track masters Hot Chip and have now satisfied a large chunk of the indie music world (myself included, DUH).

The deep, eerie cover of Hot Chip’s “Boy From School” is from a session at Australia’s Triple J Radio. Neat! Foreign! Is it cool? Of course it is. How could it not be? Check out the whole session at Triple J, or just be a bum (like myself) and listen to the indie cover magiccccc.

Grizzly Bear – “Boy From School (Hot Chip cover)” [MP3]

Hot Chip – “Boy From School” [MP3]

[via I Guess I'm Floating]

  • abby

    and on the seventh day, brooklyn rested…


  • Country Paul

    Moody, nice once. Prefer Veckatimest. Heard “Two Weeks” on a spot during the Super Bowl. Go, Team Grizzly!