Surfer Blood changes the way you see surf music on Astro Coast

While some bands have been–making waves (LOLOLOOL)– with songs about surfing, Florida’s Surfer Blood is knee deep in the beach-themed downer/upper rock. Unlike The Drums, who are quick to denounce their surfing connection as anything but a misconception, Surfer Blood seems to be all about the theme. From the album’s great single, “Swim,” to the album cover and most obviously the band’s name, they have beach-rock practically tattooed on their foreheads.

Their debut, Astro Coast, is a very impressive effort. The songs come off strong and confident, and their sound is unique and intriguing. Cool! What more could you ask for, right? While “Swim” is a clear single, “Twin Peaks,” “Take It Easy,” and “Harmonix,” are also all great listens. They tend to seamlessly shift gears from cheery, fast-paced pop attitudes and more downtrodden, wallflower rock.

In fact, Surfer Blood’s influence seems to come somewhere between The Beach Boys, 1960s garage bands, 1980s/90s downer alternative music and modern-day indie rock. And they do it all with a slight smile. Rather than evoke cheery summer days at the beach, which we’re all used to, Surfer Blood brings up an image of a bleak, dreary day, drifting out into the dark, choppy ocean.

On Astro Coast, they offer a couple shorter pop songs interspersed with longer, more ambitious tracks. Both “Slow Jabroni” and “Anchorage” clock in at over six minutes. They also don’t mind hitting you with a quick 2-minute instrumental piece, “Neighbour Riffs.” What Astro Coast really shows is that, although the band has a lot of room to grow, they are instantly ambitious and confident. They are also instantly talented and unique. Here’s to many more bleak, dreary beach days to come!

Surfer Blood – “Swim” [MP3]

Surfer Blood – “Harmonix” [MP3]

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