[MP3] Shearwater: "Black Eyes"

Another new Shearwater track from the upcoming full length The Golden Archipelago surfaced today, again courtesy of Matablog (Matador Records’ own blog). We featured “Castaways” when it was made available to the public, which showed tremendous promise for the new record with its lush instrumentation as a teaser. This time though, “Black Eyes” fully immerses us in the Shearwater sound. It’s an incredibly evocative song – powerful, engaging, and all-encompassing. Meiburg sounds like he’s letting it all go on The Golden Archipelago; his emotions drive the tunes to their apex. Very few singers can accomplish such a feat through singing, but Meiburg gets us again and again with that voice.

Shearwater – “Black Eyes” [MP3]

The Golden Archipelago drops February 15 (February 23 in the U.S.) on Matador.

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