Notable Album Release: Tunng - And Then We Saw Land

You’re probably already familiar with Tunng, but how many of you actually knew they were coming out with a new album in March? I didn’t; I won’t lie. But their newest track, “Don’t Look Down Or Back”, which I stumbled upon as a free download on, immediately perked my interest. It’s one of Tunng’s best songs to date, and if it’s any indication of the sound on And Then We Saw Land, we’re in for a mighty fine treat from these London folktronica experts. Shimmering male/female harmonies and light string picking make this song an immediate standout, and the transitions to the pounding percussion-filled choruses are flawless.

Tunng – “Don’t Look Down Or Back” [MP3]

And Then We Saw Land will be available March 1 via Full Time Hobby records.

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