[MP3] Josiah Wolf: "The Trailer and the Truck"

Josiah Wolf is the multi-instrumentalist member of WHY? (and brother of singer Yoni), and to make a long story short it looks like he’ll be releasing his own solo album this coming March. The album will come out on the 2nd, it’ll be titled Jet Lag, and oh my lord the first quarter of this year is absolutely ludicrous. But that’s a good thing! I’ll just have to try and not hyperventilate every time a cool new album gets announced.

This song here’s called “The Trailer and the Truck,” and it’s definitely interesting. The various instruments are layered nicely, and the random drum spasms keep the track interesting. Wolf’s voice is a pretty neat surprise, as well, mostly considering how far removed it is from his brother’s.

Josiah Wolf – “The Trailer and the Truck” [MP3]

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