In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Some weeks are busy weeks, I’ll give you that. I mean, one of you might have missed a post or two this week because you were too preoccupied counting your piles of money after becoming the director of the two highest grossing movies of all time. So I’ll give James Cameron a pass. But you other few billion people? Quit slacking, guys. I’ll help you out for now, but seriously. It’s like there are people in the world with lives or something.


Bear Lake teaches us we shouldn’t abandon our middle school friends — we should make music with them


Islands gives Michael Cera drugs and shoots a music video
Kevin Devine releases super literal video for “Another Bag of Bones”
The American Dollar dropped a sweet new album, Atlas, on new year’s day

All the Nada Surf news fit to print
[MP3] Pigeons: “Tendresse”

Old Abram Brown “provide the rock to our roll”
[MP3] The Knife: “Colouring of Pigeons”
[MP3] Eluvium: “Leaves Eclipse the Light”
Toro Y Moi announces some brand spankin’ new tour dates

[MP3] My Gold Mask: “Circle Mass”
Collider releases free EP
[MP3] Pit Er Pat: “Water”

Animal Collective makes an unsurprisingly weird, epic video for “Brothersport”

[Odd Track Out] Murder by Death’s “Those Who Left”
[Abby’s Road] Transcendent Culture

[MP3] Color of Clouds: “Burn it Down”
Phenomenal Video Saturday: Cursive!

*Pick of the Week*
Tastes Like Caramel: “Happy 63rd Birthday to David Bowie!”
An odd choice, perhaps, but for whatever reason I didn’t see much mention of the icon’s birthday this past week (and didn’t even realize it myself). That and I just recently watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, so it seems fitting to honor one of the most interesting and endearing voices in music (and pretty much everything else). Thanks, Tastes Like Caramel, for remembering!

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