Old Abram Brown

I know I know, we all want to get that Pigeons lady image (or whatever you wanna call it) down the page as fast as possible! Blam(i)e Jamie! But trust me, this post isn’t forced – it’s rather the opposite. I’ve been sitting on these fellas for several days, and I think now’s an appropriate time to unleash them on you.

Old Abram Brown, four guys out of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, are more than happy to provide the rock to our roll, with elements of folk, pop, roots, and even jazz. Comprised of Carson Lund (Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboard), Dylan Vukelich (Piano, Bass, Backing Vocals), Erik Lund (Drums, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Electronics & Recording) and Eric Bolton (Lead Guitar), OAB (sorry if that conjures up OAR imagery – I don’t wish that comparison on anyone) has a firm grasp on meticulously structured, potent songs.

Everything about Old Abram Brown screams passion. Carson Lund’s vocals are earnest and emphatic, as if breaking all barriers of viscosity. Piano holds down the foundation, and the rest of the instruments follow suit with bursts of momentum. I can’t help but think these boys are ready for the big time, so let’s make it happen, shall we?

Old Abram Brown – “Mountain Lions” [MP3]

Old Abram Brown – “Polonious” [MP3]

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