The American Dollar drops new album, Atlas

Hey guys, remember The American Dollar? They of the effervescent soundscapes and jittery electronica? Of course you do! Well, they’re back with a follow-up to 2008’s A Memory Stream in the form of a new LP, Atlas, released January 1. They pretty much deliver what’s expected of them on Atlas, though the sound is a bit tighter than previous releases and slightly more complex – more noise, more tricks, more fun. Oh, and then there’s this (what I wrote about them previously):

Solely instrumental, The American Dollar can be played anytime, anywhere, and emotions will soar, perhaps frightening those ill-prepared, yet gradually comforting them with the mesmerizing intricacy of the sound. If you’re not one with an imagination, then I suggest you steer clear.

That much has remained the same, of course.

The American Dollar – “Age of Wonder” [MP3]

The American Dollar – “Equinox” [MP3]

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